martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Beautiful Morning

So, I've been entirely dedicated to gym and diet :), it is so good! it makes me feel so healthy and focus on myself, I know it sounds a little bit depressing, but I used to think in other people before me and that is so bad! I just love doing cardio with my ipod, thinking in things important to me or just creating worlds while I sweat.. I know it sound grose but it's true!
My cardio playlist:
1. Why?- She's a Tease
2. Sometimes- Miami Horror
3. Dreamboy- Don Broco
4. Kisses- Kisses
5. Men's needs- The cribs
6. Let's make love and listen death from above- CSS
7. Did it again- Shakira 
8. Mirror kissers- The Cribs
9. Beautiful morning- Don Broco
10. Do wah dooh- Kate Nash

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