miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

                                                        Actual weight: 125 pounds              old weight: 149 pounds

I swear myself I was not going to write or post a photo about my weight loss but I just couldn't help it haha. So, this is the story and I feel really really proud of myself:

I started diet on january, and it was not that hard, maybe it's because I really love chicken and salads, but it didn't bothered me. The problem with my lifestyle was that I have never exercised, my mom always said to me: "go to the gym" "exercise!" but I really don't felt like it, until I started to notice that my body was feeling heavy, I had problems when I was running and I just felt  I couldn't breath easily and it was hard because I'm 21 years old and I'm not old, so I felt embarrased of myself.
I decided to sign on a club that has a gym and that has an instructor, i think really was a good idea because this guy made my diet and kept a record of my weight loss. At the beginning it was very dificult but I noticed I really wanted this because it was my own health and my body so I started going 6 days a week, one day I made cardio for 1 hour and the  next day I practiced weight I started seeing the results making my diet and going to gym. I know it sounds difficult, but you'll see, exercising and keeping healthy it's a form of life, I don't want to sound perfect, I also have days like weekends when I eat cake or  when I go out with friends when I eat hamburguers or I drink beer , but those days are the minimum of days compared to the way my whole week is.

I don't want to  sound like an obsessive girl with her weight I just love the way this lifestyle makes me feel, I feel more energetic, happier and my self- esteem is higher. It's just that some things have changed you and this has changed me in so many good ways that It makes me feel proud and happy with myself.

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