miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

I'm into...

So, here's a little bit of what I'm really into this few days...
1- Wes Anderson:
   -The Life Aquatic.
     -The Royal Tenenbaums.
     -The Darjeeling Limited.
     -Hotel Chevalier.
     - Fantastic Mr. Fox.
2- Toro y Moi
     ChazWick Dundick From Columbia, South Carolina makes electronic, Chillwave music. I love "Talamack" track.
3- Haruki Murakami.
    I read Tokio Blues and start watching the movie and also read "After Dark", I  think it's amazing because he is a contemporary writer that it's not against pop culture. I love how he says that being fan from "Lost" it's ok and I also like how he  expresses loneliness in people, but  in his characters there is always a rush of love that immediately extinguishes.
4-Green Tea
   I don't  know  why.. but I'm  becoming addicted to green tea. I don't know if it's right or wrong but I just love it.

5- This amazing Lipton tea commercial by Yoanna Lemoine

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