martes, 26 de julio de 2011

I'm into...

1. True Blood.
I'm seriously obsessed with this serie, I don't  even love  it, but I found it quite  interesting, It's some hardcore shit about vampires, sex, witches, etc,etc (there's a lot of characters), and I love  the  fact  that  it's  not  the  romantic  story  like  the  one  of  Twilight Series  or Vampire  Diaries.

2. Arctic Monkeys.
Their new cd "suck it and see" is great, I know it's not as "pure" and talented as in their first records, but I like it, and I like their lyrics, they are great  and  not so cliche.

3. Cooking.
So, this summer has been practically about me and desserts, cupcakes and  recipes. I believe I've found hobbie which I enjoy and I also feel passionate about  it so I'm always searching for  new flavours and recipes. 
(This is me with my new  book about cakes and tarts)

4. Chai  tea.
My  dad  bought me  a box  of  chai  tea, at  the  beginning I must confess  I was dumb  and I  didn't  know how  to prepare  it  correctly,  but  I  finally get  to  make  a decent cup  of  chai  tea, and  I  became  obsessed  with  it. (I  think I  might  hace  a  serious  adiction  with  tea)

These are my current obsessions, another obsession which I'm ashamed of mention are pears, I  loved them! my mom bought a bag of them, but, I  can't explain their flavor... they are not common pears, this pears are "panocheras" this is the way they call it where I live, they have a different flavor to the common pears and are little bit hard (I  love the fact that they are hard because I  hate when pears are juicy and get to droll all over  my hand).

And finally, this song of "A Fin Fenzy" I know it's old, but I love the lyric, is one of those songs that just rise to the occasion

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